Brix and Bailey, Brix + Bailey Luxury Handbag and Accessory brand.
Brix and Bailey, Brix + Bailey Luxury Handbag and Accessory brand.

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( well, we think here is the right place for the bio stuff )

Brix + Bailey have never really revealed much about themselves. 
We have the bare facts: the luxury leather handbag, accessory product & design company is led by the brother & sister duo,
one living in London, the other in New York, and now their is a new member of family in the company...little sister Mallory.

The transatlantic duo were raised on fashion and are passionate about leather handbags, leather backpacks, leather totes,
leather purses, illustration, print design, 
fashion,design + beautiful things in get the idea and little sister Mallory seems to be following in her siblings footsteps in the family business with the launch of her very own OUTLINE collection encompassing leather handbags and accessories with a an impulsive playful naivety in its design.

It was growing up in the family business...where their hands and most things they
owned were covered in either fabric or leather swatches that the first Brix + Bailey handbag designs were created. 

"Beautiful, creative design, flawlessly executed.” – That's the idea! 

They have always worked together and so it is a natural partnership 
with Brix behind the duality concept of Brix + Bailey:

to find the right balance of masculine and feminine.
to be aspirational and attainable with the right amount of restraint.     

They are close siblings but it turns out they're not actually that similar. 
Bailey is often considered the business brain, Brix the designer – 
though it’s more complex than that and their creative dynamic is evident 
at all times. They love illustration, photography, graphics, music and art in all its forms.

  structured leather tote (a Bailey fav), hair on hide leather messenger bag, designed in new york, 

Brix is obsessed with things’ being versatile, Bailey insists on quality & 
both always give a considered nod to fashionability without being trend driven.
They are inspired by the creative tension between the capitals of fashion (London + New York)
their energy, originality, thinking and ability to surprise in a world of fashion that involves
a real mix of uncertainty reinforced by intuition.

They never stop travelling and thinking about new ideas.
Their bucket lists are way too long, but one of their main wishes is to visit all 196 countries in the world.

So, in their fourth year, working from a new larger studio with a bigger team, 
but always in control, Brix + Bailey are, yes, getting their ducks in a row    
and branching out into brand licensing with the specialist brand licensing Agency TSBA.
And 2017, is the perfect time to do it.

   Illustration Brix and Bailey

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