Brix and Bailey, Brix + Bailey Luxury Leather Handbag and Accessory Brand from London and New York
Brix and Bailey, Brix + Bailey Luxury Leather Handbag and Accessory Brand from London and New York

About Brix and Bailey
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  Brix + Bailey London Fashion Week Handbags

Family Business:

Based between London and New York, the
internationally stocked luxury leather handbag and accessory brand Brix and Bailey
launched over 5 years ago and is led by the brother & sister design duo.

Brix and Bailey Fashion Heritage:

The transatlantic duo were raised on fashion and are 
passionate about leather handbags, leather backpacks, leather totes, 
leather purses, illustration, print design, fashion, design + beautiful things in get the idea. 

      Brix + Bailey Premium Leather Luxury Handbags    


Brix is obsessed with things’ being versatile, Bailey insists on quality & both always give a considered nod to fashionability
without being trend driven.

They are inspired by the creative tension between the capitals of fashion (
London + New Yorktheir energy, originality, thinking
and ability to surprise in a world of fashion that involves 
a real mix of uncertainty reinforced by intuition.


The core values of the company remain unchanged: integrity, social responsibility, forward thinking and, of course, sustainability.
Where possible Brix + Bailey explore new innovative ways to be eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible. 


Exciting times: Little sister Mallory seems to be following in her siblings footsteps in the family business with the launch of her very own 
O|U|T|L|I|N|E collection encompassing organic cotton men and women's fashion, leather handbags and accessories with a an
impulsive playful naivety in its design.

The brand branched out into brand licensing with the specialist brand licensing Agency TSBA group with great success across multiple categories.

So, working from a new larger studios in London + New York with a bigger team, but always in control, Brix + Bailey are, yes,
getting their ducks in a row.

And 2018, is the perfect time to do it. 

   Illustration Brix and Bailey

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