Brix and Bailey, Brix + Bailey Luxury Handbag and Accessory brand.
Brix and Bailey, Brix + Bailey Luxury Handbag and Accessory brand.

Handbag Leather Care 

Some little pointers on how to look after your Brix + Bailey handbag...

Leather Handbag Care and Repairs


Brix + Bailey design and manufacture beautiful leather handbags using premium grade natural leathers that are chosen from the best tanneries in the world with the greatest care, and their handcrafted treatment can sometimes make them irregular and individual, varying in shade and texture. 
If you follow our product care recommendations, your Brix + Bailey leather handbag should age beautifully.

Our suppliers adhere to strict leather production and environmental impact codes. We are highly selective and the end result is a handbag that will last you a lifetime. To prolong the enjoyment of your Brix + Bailey leather bag we recommend the following:

• Do not overfill your leather handbag, tote, weekend bag (or any other of our styles!) as this will cause it to stretch out of shape.

• Keep the leather surface clean and dry using a dry, soft cloth.

• Avoid over-exposure to heat or direct lighting.

• Protect your Brix + Bailey handbag from rain, humidity, grease, perfume and cosmetics.

• If your handbag should get wet, dab with a soft neutral cloth to absorb the moisture and allow it to dry naturally.

• When not in use, store your handbag in a cool, dry place using the Brix + Bailey dust bag provided.

• A leather protector or conditioner can be used but always test a patch first. We love the products from the British company Supreme Shoe Care (

• If you have a light coloured leather bag avoid wearing it against dark clothing and denim, unless they are colour fast as the dye can transfer to the leather.

• Avoid rough and abrasive surfaces. Never place your bag on the ground or a rough surface.


Cleaning Service
We do not currently offer a leather handbag cleaning service at Brix + Bailey.
There are independent companies that offer this service, but they have not been approved by Brix + Bailey or tested on our products.

Replacement Screws and Straps
We cannot send out any parts directly to you. If you are missing a screw or strap you need to send your bag back to us so it can be repaired by our skilled craftsmen. We always want to ensure a bag is properly repaired, and that the leathers and components are matched as closely as possible by our expert team.

We have an extensive collection of components and leathers to produce our handbags but there are occasions where components are no longer part of the collections and are not available to re-order, or our supply of original leather has been exhausted. If either of these circumstances applies, we would be happy to offer a closest alternative wherever possible.

Most importantly, enjoy your Brix + Bailey bag and if you have any specific enquiries about our leather or the care of for your product, please contact Customer Services on +44 (0) 20 3189 169.

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