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Since our launch in 2015 at London Fashion Week, here at Brix + Bailey, we have strived to create accessories that exude an alluring juxtaposition of colour and texture, designing quality products that are effortlessly on-trend, yet unexpectedly timeless. To B+B, accessories are not just an addition to an outfit but a statement that changes your style game. While every collection since our inception has been an amalgamation of bold colours, city slick cool and the finest leather going, it took a lot of life experience and learning to get to the products we’re proud to sell today. Our mantra? We hope that you love our bags as much as we love designing them, but it’s okay if you don’t!

Our story began in two corners of the fashion capitals of the world, London and New York. Brix + Bailey are a brother-sister duo living in both London and New York respectively. Brix hails from London, where she can’t get enough of the effortless confidence of Londoners, however, keeping her in check across the pond is Bailey. A native of New York, Bailey thrives on his transatlantic lifestyle, fashion shows, after-parties and not to forget daily espressos at his local uber cool cafe. While the two live drastically different lives, it’s what makes them different that brings the brand of B+B to life. From a fashion perspective, Bailey compliments Brix’s creative process by providing refinement to designs and challenging Brix’s ideas. This partnership is what got the brand to where it is today.

Both cities influence our products, providing creative inspiration from conception to delivery.  Where would Brix be without Bailey, where would London be without New York, who knows. But what we do know is that sibling rivalry of the cities rubs off to result in the ultimate influence for the brand, with New York’s cooler conservatism taking the edge off of London’s hotter edginess. But sometimes it’s the other way round. This keeps B+B’s designs fresh, with unexpected colours and textures a guarantee. I guess what we’re saying is, with B+B, always expect the unexpected.

Brix always worked in fashion, running her own boutiques and also gaining skills as a buyer. It was these opportunities that made her a regular attendee of the biggest fashion shows in the world, jet-setting from New York to LA, Hong Kong to Tokyo. Brix honed her eye for design, from the meetings at work as a buyer to the new designers that she would sell in her boutique. But there was something missing.

When it comes to quality, there are no compromises. Shape? Always timeless. The colours, leathers and linings are where Brix likes to push the boundaries. Ever the perfectionist, Brix will rework a bag until she is happy (even if it takes 50 attempts).

Overall, the bags have been designed with the owner in mind, providing a daring difference to accessories that still function for the demands of the modern-day man or woman.

B+B wouldn't be the brand it is without the sibling partnership of a brother and sister or the contrasts of two fashion capitals. B+B the brand will continue to feed off these compelling relationships resulting in many more ranges to come. We understand that B+B might not be for everyone and that’s just fine with us. It’s exactly how it should be. But watch this space for what’s coming next...


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