About Us

Hello, We are Brix + Bailey [ Sister in London, Brother in NYC ]

You might have only just found Brix + Bailey - but if you want to know more about the brand, here are a few things that might interest you.
Stocked online and in boutique stores internationally, Brix + Bailey is the brainchild of a transatlantic sibling design duo and continues to be a founder-led brand. There’s Brix [ sister ] whose aesthetic was forged in London, and Bailey [ brother ] who leans more towards the influences of New York. Everything is run in-house and managed as a family business - design, marketing, PR. It works. It totally works.

Family Led Brand

By following their own instincts, and sticking to their own aesthetic, they have quietly and determinedly built a family-owned [ it's incredibly important ] successful leather bag and accessory brand, defined entirely by themselves, always incorporating ethical & mindful sourcing practices wherever they can. 
Brix + Bailey has always been a family-owned and operated business, and it continues to be so to this day. The company places a strong emphasis on family values, which begins at the top and creates a sense of togetherness.

About Brix And Bailey

From The Beginning

Influenced by their upbringing in a family in love with fashion, working with premium Italian leather and a wonderful artisan factory [ some might mistake them for family such is the bond! ] & giving free rein to their imagination, they launched the first collection in 2014 - followed by a collaboration with Jasper Garvida at London Fashion Week, a feature in Vogue and entering the wonderful world of brand licensing collaborating with TSBA Group  

Passion for Craftsmanship

Expert craftsmanship is a fundamental aspect of the brand and it's one of its defining characteristics. All leather bags and accesories are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, using ethical and mindful creative and sourcing skills. They are second to none.

Discerning customers around the world were charmed by their hidden details [ think magical hand-drawn illustrations and a bold approach to colour, coupled with an unerring eye for detail and a knack for whimsy and wit - and the rest is history. The brand was born, and the expected illustrations featuring on bag linings and dust bags took customers by surprise, and they continue to do so today.

Ethics & Sustainability

"We work hard, with love & kindness towards each other & the planet"

Brix + Bailey takes great pride in their commitment to being a socially and environmentally responsible business. They strive to minimize their impact on the environment and contribute to creating positive change in the world.
They are a socially conscious brand that is passionate about the environment, the ocean, our planet, and the future of our children. Committed to responsible production, always striving to use cruelty-free, sustainable materials with artisan skilled partners.

The Way Forward

The acquisition of Sostter, an independent ethical leather handbag and accessory brand from London, with their unique designs and expertise, further expands the company portfolio, with exciting times ahead for both brands. The future looks very rosy. Take a look at Sostter.

About Brix And Bailey

Rumour has it that a new watch line designed together as a family is at  work. Watch this space…