Brix + Bailey Brand Dictionary

Brix Bailey Brand Dictionary

01. Brix and Bailey/proper noun/

[brix and bailey]
1. Ethical & Conscious Leather Handbag from sister ( in London ) brother ( in New York)

02. designed in London/proper noun/+ New York 
1. London (BRIX): The capital of the United Kingdom, situated in SE England on the River Thames
2. New York (BAILEY): A major city and port in the south-east of New York State

03. handbag/noun/
[ˈhan(d)baɡ] a bag, often with a handle or a strap going over the shoulder, used by men and women for carrying money, keys, and small personal items such as makeup; purse

04. accessory/noun/
Fashion accessories can be loosely categorised into two general areas: those that are carried and those that are worn. 

05. craftsmen/noun/
[krafts-muh n, krahfts]
Artisan, carver, craft, craftsman, craftsmanship, craftsperson, craftswoman, handicraft
1. He who does something with great skill + expertise [ shout out to our amazing ethical factories all based in Florence, Italy ]

Brix + Bailey Conscious Leather Bag Brand

06. leather/noun/leth -er]
1. The skin of an animal prepared for use by tanning or a similar process designed to preserve it against decay and make it pliable or supple when dry.
2. An article [bags, backpacks, weekend bags, purses] made of this material.

07. quality/noun/
1. General excellence of standard or level. At Brix + Bailey we source the best materials and factories so you can use our bags and accessories for years, even decades to come.

08. ethical/adjective/
1. ethical practice/trading.

09. tote/noun/
1. a large roomy handbag or shopping bag.

10. accessory/noun/
1. articles such as belts and purses which you wear or carry.

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