Covid-19 Update



Dear Brix + Bailey Community,

It is a very strange time right now, for all of us, so we wanted to reach out to say how grateful we are for all of our lovely customer's support: we appreciate and are humbled by it. Please be reassured that we are putting the health and safety of all our teams at the forefront of our minds and decisions.

We also wanted to tell you that by supporting Brix + Bailey you are in turn supporting our fabulous, loyal, wonderful supplier base. Each and every one of them relies on bag and leather orders from businesses like ours and we will, with your help, continue to place orders with them all, so that at the end of this scary time we will all reopen with gusto and excitement. We are all in this as one, and it’s really important to remember that in times like these, we have to look out for each and every one of us.


We are adapting a quickly as we can. Please note that in the coming weeks some products may take longer to manufacture, and we may have to adapt our customer service levels.

Each parcel is handled with a lot of care, and following guidance from the SAGE, all members of our bag warehouse is required to wear protective clothing, PPE protective gowns and they must stand 2 metres apart from each other. Going forward, we ask for your patience on this – thanks so much in advance!

Self isolation is making it difficult for us all to leave our houses to drop a parcel off at a post office. We understand this, so, we have extended our returns policy to allow you 90 days to return your bag to us.

We thank you for your continued love and support. Our thoughts are with all that have been affected during this incredibly difficult time.

Take good care of you and yours, and If you have any questions or concerns, please ping us a message via through our contact form. Please note, this page will be updated regularly with new information, so do check back.

It's not goodbye, it’s see you very soon.
Team Brix + Bailey

p.s If you require further guidance take a look at this super useful document from The British Council