Sustainability Initiative

We work hard, with love & kindness towards each other & the planet

Brix + Bailey is a socially conscious family-run and owned brand from London and New York that is passionate about the environment, the ocean, our planet, and the future of our children. We are committed to responsible production, striving to use cruelty-free, sustainable materials with our artisan skilled partners. They pride themselves on partnerships with the most talented artisans who possess a wealth of experience and skill, passed down through generations, in creating their luxury leather goods. Their work exemplifies the inherent ability and passion they have for their craft. The company pledge to continue supporting them, and all those who share our commitment to building a more sustainable future. 

Sustainability Initiative Brix + BaileyEthically Created Bags + Safe Working Conditions

Brix + Bailey believes that it is part of its corporate and social responsibility to be involved in issues such as respect for people, environment, communities, and artistic heritage. These principles find expression in their company culture, relations with industry associations, supply chain partners, and climate change.
"In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic led many of us to spend quality time with our families at home. This experience helped us to appreciate the value of our planet and the need to protect and preserve it. We witnessed nature's reset, with wildlife thriving worldwide, seas and rivers clearing, and a noticeable reduction in air pollution visible from space. We are now more aware than ever of the impact our lifestyle has on the planet and the positive steps we can take to make a difference. As a result, we are dedicated to making Aspinal of London a sustainable brand by refining our entire way of working. Our team is committed to making a difference, and we will do everything in our power to achieve this goal." Brix + Bailey

Sustainability InitiativeResponsible leather production: know where it comes from and how it is made

Brix + Bailey takes their responsibility seriously to collaborate with ethical suppliers that hold the same environmental values. Research led us to organizations such as The Leather working Group  due to our desire to ensure customers can have full confidence in the brand and the products they are buying. The brand strives to be an honest business and work closely with a solid supplier base that has worked with the brand since its launch.
To ensure this, the aim is always to try to manufacture as close to the natural origin of our Italian leathers [ the cows!] and to maintain a traceable and sustainable chain of production. 

Eco-friendly Packaging - Waste Not, Want Not

Brix + Bailey believe that less is more. Buy less and instead buy better.
We champion the use of environmentally friendly plastic-free, recyclable or biodegradable packaging wherever possible. The majority of the packaging used consists of paper and card. Brand research led to Plastic Waste Free World Europe and Friends of The Earth initiative and forms the basis of the brand's ethos going forward. They continue this ethos in their design studios, aiming to be zero-waste and plastic free by reducing the amount of plastic used.

Environment & Climate Change

With all Brix + Bailey suppliers, they strive to have a transparent relationship and as a result, they share information on environmental impact and ways to improve. As a result, all collaborators have reduced their waste, recycling has increased and new and innovative ways of working with leather and within the fashion industry are always open to discussion.

Plastic Free World  Friends Of The Earth LogoLeather Working Group

As a member of Textile Exchange and through our participation in conferences and events, the brand keeps agile and up-to-date with new developments in the leather industry. 



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