Hello, We are Brix + Bailey [ Sister in London, Brother in New York ] 

You can't pick your relatives, but Brix + Bailey chose siblings and family as business partners and it works......beautifully.

About Brix + Bailey

We are an innovative, consciously designed and produced handbag and accessory brand created by a brother-sister at the helm as founders and co-creative directors, with a transatlantic background. Our products can be found both online and in select boutique stores around the world. Brix, draws inspiration from her experiences in London, whilst Bailey, gravitates towards the styles of New York. As a founder-led brand, we manage everything in-house, from design to marketing and PR, as a family business. This approach has proven to be highly effective and has contributed to the unique character of our brand.

Family Owned & Led Brand

We have always followed our own instincts and remained true to our aesthetic, resulting in the creation of Brix + Bailey - a successful leather bag and accessory brand that is entirely defined by us. For us, it is incredibly important to incorporate ethical and mindful sourcing practices wherever possible. As a family-owned and operated business, we strongly believe in family values and have instilled this throughout the company. Our sense of togetherness creates a unique dynamic and has contributed to our success as a brand.

From The Beginning

Our family's passion for fashion and our experience working with ethically sourced and managed leathers, and an exceptional artisan factory have greatly influenced our brand, Brix + Bailey. When we launched our first collection in 2014, we were thrilled to see it followed by a collaboration with Jasper Garvida at London Fashion Week and a feature in Vogue. It was exciting to enter the world of brand licensing and collaborate with TSBA Group

Passion for Craftsmanship

We work very closely with our lovely partners in India. We source our materials from tanneries renowned for their strong ethical, responsible, and governance standards. Our bags are crafted in limited quantities at a fair wage, woman led factory, ensuring quality and ethical production. We view every purchase made by our customers as a step towards a more sustainable future. 

Ethics & Sustainability

As a brand, we at Brix + Bailey take great pride in our commitment to being as socially conscious and environmentally responsible as we can be. We are passionate about the environment, the ocean, our planet, and the future of our children. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to creating positive change in the world.

"We work hard, with love & kindness towards each other & the planet" Brix

The Way Forward

We recently acquired Sostter, an independent leather handbag and accessory brand based in London. Their unique designs and expertise have expanded our company's portfolio, and we're excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for both brands. We believe the future is bright and full of potential.
Check out Sostter and see what they have to offer.

Rumour has it that a new watch line designed together as a family launched in 2024. Watch this space