This Is Our Sustainability Mission
[ We Did Choose To Accept It ]

"Change can occur when brands + customers place equal value on both the consumer experience and the well-being of the workers"

What Are Our Goals?

- To design and craft bags, jewelry and watches that people love so much, they wouldn't dream of throwing them away.
- To craft thoughtfully designed accessories that not only endure over time but also meet the highest standards of quality without compromise.
- Sustainability guides every choice we make. Sure, it's a challenging road, but we're all about giving it our best shot.
- Along the way, we're working with small-batch factories + supporting women-led initiatives, because these partnerships mean the world to us.

Responsible Design & Production 

We need to acknowledge that production inherently impacts the environment. Therefore, our focus is on minimizing this impact and being mindful of every detail in our process, as much as possible. We've invested considerable effort and thoughtfulness in our decisions, with our aim being to produce our leather goods the right way. Many brands might label their practices as sustainable. However, we recognize that any form of production inevitably impacts the environment. Therefore, we believe the term 'sustainable' doesn't fully capture our approach. Instead, we embrace 'responsible production'. This term aligns more closely with our ethos of honesty and accountability. 

We understand that using straightforward labels like 'recycled' or 'organic' can simplify how we convey our company's decisions. These terms are often seen in binary perspectives – good or bad, affordable or costly, eco-friendly or harmful. However, such labeling doesn't always paint an accurate picture. For instance, 'organic' isn't synonymous with environmentally friendly, and synthetic materials aren't inherently detrimental to the environment.

Our approach is different. We prefer to share the underlying information that guides our choices. By focusing more on the 'how' rather than just the 'what', we empower you to make informed decisions, considering the entire process and not just the final label.

Women-led + Fair Pay = Happy Workers
Social Audits & Training

Consciously Designed + Crafted

At Brix + Bailey, "Consciously Crafted" defines our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, a concept we introduced in 2021, formerly known as the Craftsmanship Code. This initiative embodies our dedication to reducing environmental impact and prioritizing the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.

"Consciously Crafted" celebrates responsible design across our product range, offering pieces that customers will treasure for years, crafted to minimize their environmental footprint. It underscores our focus on unique, meaningful products that incorporate heritage artisanal techniques alongside innovative sustainable technologies.

In line with our high standards for quality, "Consciously Crafted" also meets rigorous sustainability criteria, including the use of Lower-Impact Materials, adherence to Responsible Craftsmanship, and designs that promote Circularity.

Our label, Brix + Bailey, is at the heart of this approach, ensuring that each item is produced with integrity. We are committed to having our entire collection align with these sustainability attributes by 2025, reinforcing our promise to deliver fashion that is as thoughtfully made as it is enduring.

Women-led + Social Audits

After a long career in the New York and London fashion industry and collaborations with manufacturers globally, our passion shifted towards partnering with artisans for the creation of Brix + Bailey. As an independent company, the craftsmanship matters deeply to us, which is why we partner exclusively with suppliers we believe in.

A core value for us has always been understanding the conditions of production, knowing who crafts our bags, and ensuring that workers are treated fairly. Our approach eschews large, remote factories, favoring instead family-operated businesses. These intimate settings allow us to form personal connections and ensure that each product receives meticulous attention.

  • Fair pay
  • Small batch production
  • Safe and hygienic working conditions
  • Alignment with local cost of living
  • Standardized working hours
  • No child labor

It's not just about creating products; it's about upholding a tradition of excellence and personal care that goes into every piece we produce.We collaborate with a wonderful female led manufacturer in Kolkata, India.
In 2020, we made a strategic choice to manufacture in India with the goal of fostering fair trade, improving job opportunities with this family run business. Over the past few years, we've cultivated strong bonds with our lovely suppliers, grounded in mutual respect and transparency.

Regular communication ensures that ethical and fair practices are consistently upheld, and any issues discussed and resolved. It is a journey......not a race.We have chosen to base our production in India with a clear purpose in mind: to create the most significant positive impact in a region where it's most needed. We are dedicated to collaborating exclusively with producers who align with our ethical and sustainable principles.To ensure this, all of Brix+Bailey's partner factories hold certifications from either SMETA or comply with the SA8000 standard for social accountability.

Furthermore, the leather tanneries that Brix + Bailey works with are certified by the Leather Working Group, underscoring the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility in its sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Fair pay + Small Batch Production + Safe and Hygienic Working Conditions + No child labor.

SMETA compliant, small batch production with the SA8000 standard for social accountability.
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