Piñatex™ Vegan Leather Handbags

Why a Vegan Option?

Here at Brix + Bailey, we're always excited to explore and improve the materials we use, especially as we discover new, innovative options. We understand and respect the choice of our customers who prefer not to use animal products. That's why we went on a quest for a great alternative and found Piñatex™, a fabulous vegan option. It's our way of embracing new sustainable materials while keeping everyone's preferences in mind. 

Why Not Go Fully Vegan?

We often get asked why we haven't switched entirely to vegan products. The truth is, we truly believe in the sustainability of eco-friendly tanned leather for creating lifetime-lasting bags. Rest assured, we're committed to sustainability at every step, which is why we also offer alternatives like our amazing Piñatex™ for those looking for something different. 


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