Code Of Conduct

At Brix + Bailey, we mandate that all our suppliers, manufacturers, and their subcontractors strictly follow our "Code of Conduct", which is grounded in the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Non-compliance with this code will lead to the termination of our contract with the involved entities.

We encourage our suppliers and manufacturers to embrace the ISO 26000 guidelines for social responsibility.
Brix + Bailey will support the adoption of this standard as much as feasibly possible.

Freedom of Association and the Right to Organise

  • Workers and employers have the unconditional right to associate, including setting their own rules, electing representatives, and organizing freely.
  • Suppliers must safeguard the right to associate, ensuring that work is not contingent upon membership in any worker or employer organizations or unions.

Forced or Bonded Labour

  • The use of forced or bonded labour is strictly prohibited.
  • Work must be performed willingly, without any form of intimidation or abuse.
  • Suppliers cannot limit workers’ freedom, withhold wages or personal documents, impose inescapable debts, or threaten or enact violence.

Child Labour

  • Employment is only for individuals over 15 years old, the state-defined minimum age, or the age when compulsory schooling ends, whichever is highest.
  • Minors under 18 are prohibited from dangerous work that could harm their health, safety, or morals.


  • Equal pay for men and women for equal work is compulsory.
  • Wages must meet or exceed the living wage or industry standard in the employment location, sufficient to meet basic needs and provide some discretionary income.
  • Overtime must be compensated at a higher rate, voluntary, with at least one rest day every week.
  • Wage deductions for discipline are not allowed, and workers should be clearly informed about pay and conditions.


  • Discrimination against workers on any grounds, including race, sex, religion, or any other characteristic, is forbidden.
  • Suppliers should foster equal opportunity and treatment.

Health and Safety

  • Workplaces must be safe and healthy, providing clean toilets, drinking water, and areas for rest and meals.
  • Suppliers are expected to minimize health risks and accidents.
  • Workers should be trained on safe machinery and substance use, including awareness of prohibited items.


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