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Prolong the life of your Brix + Bailey bag with the Care & Repair Service at The Seam

In the 20th century, with the surge in global population and the shift towards urban living, the rise of consumer culture led to a tenfold increase in waste production. According to The World Counts,this trend of urban waste generation is on an upward trajectory. By 2025, it's projected that urban areas worldwide will generate more than triple the amount of waste compared to 2009.

Brix + Bailey's vision revolves around utilizing existing resources and materials to create beautifully crafted items. We are keenly aware that our customers are conscious about not overburdening the planet and are determined not to contribute further to landfill problems. While we pride ourselves on designing products that endure over time, we also believe in the importance of product aftercare.


Repair And Care Service The Seam


The Sem Repair Bags Company


The Seam Care And Repair Company


To enhance the longevity of your Brix + Bailey bag, we strongly recommend The Seam, a premier care and repair platform.
This service revitalizes your bags, offering everything from mending straps and fixing zippers to leather care, all through a network of skilled professionals in your vicinity.
Simply pick the service you need, arrange a virtual meeting with a craftsperson, or "Maker," and they'll take care of the rest.

Keeping your Brix + Bailey bag in excellent condition and part of the circular economy has never been more straightforward.

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