Living Wage Statement

At Brix + Bailey, our dedication to ethical and fair business conduct is unwavering. Living Wage Fair Pay Brix and Bailey We take great care to ensure that everyone working with us, from consultants to freelance staff, receives a living wage appropriate for the location of their work or the industry benchmark, depending on which is more generous. Our approach to pay goes beyond the minimum; it's about rewarding work in a way that supports a sustainable and just working environment throughout our supply chain.

Living Wage Statement Brix and Bailey This principle of fair pay is not limited to our direct team but extends across our entire supply chain. We expect every supplier and subcontractor to align with our ethos, committing to the living wage standard for their teams and subcontractors.

By promoting this collective principle, we aim to nurture a wider culture of ethical and fair labor practices
ensuring dignity, fairness, and adequate compensation for all within our supply chain. 
images: Handrawn Brix+Bailey Illustrations


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