Brix + Bailey Trial Piñatex™ Vegan Leather Bags

Piñatex™ Vegan Leather Bags & Why We Also Must Cherish Real Leather

At Brix + Bailey, we craft bags that are more than just accessories; they're treasures designed to last as long as you desire. Our approach is to make the most of available resources – the leather we use is a by-product of the meat and dairy industry. We believe in repurposing these hides into beautiful, durable leather, making it a wise and sustainable choice. Leather is unique; it's not just durable, but it also develops a richer character and charm over time.

Why Offer a Vegan Alternative?

We're constantly on the lookout for new and innovative materials to enhance our collection. Respecting our customers' diverse preferences, including those who opt out of animal products, led us to discover Piñatex™, an exceptional vegan alternative. This choice reflects our commitment to sustainable practices and catering to varied tastes.Have a read here for more details from one of our favorite sites:Get Vegan

Why Haven't We Gone Fully Vegan?

A common query we encounter is why we haven't transitioned to exclusively vegan products. The answer lies in our firm belief in the sustainable nature of eco-friendly tanned leather for crafting bags that endure a lifetime. Utilizing leather, a by-product of other industries, is our approach to minimizing waste. The unparalleled quality of leather and its ability to age gracefully remains a cornerstone of our collection. However, we're equally dedicated to sustainable innovation, which is why we proudly offer Piñatex™ as a distinguished alternative for those seeking a different choice.

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