One To Read: Sustainable Handbags & Purse Brands from The Good Trade

Well worth a read with a good cup of coffee and a croissant. From The Good Trade.

As Brix + Bailey, an ethical and sustainable brand ourselves, we were truly inspired by an article we read recently. It resonated with our values, spotlighting the importance of fair wages and safe, ethical working conditions in the fashion industry. The article curated a list of brands that excel in creating eco-friendly totes, handbags, and weekenders, aligning perfectly with our everyday use and travel aesthetics. It offered a diverse selection, from American-made to upcycled, and vegan to artisan-crafted bags. We were particularly intrigued by the mention of Vestiaire Collective for secondhand designer bags. Additionally, the article served as a valuable resource, pointing towards guides on fair trade clothing, sustainable shoe brands, and ethically made jewelry. As a brand committed to sustainability, this article was both affirming and enlightening for us.

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