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Giving Back Brix and Bailey

Question: Do you have unwanted handbags or clothing that you no longer have a use for? It can be any brand, shape, size of color!

If so, please consider the following wonderful charities below that would really benefit from your kind donations, plus, you will be helping reduce the ENOURMOUS landfill that is global issue.

Sutton Night Watch

Brix + Bailey is honored to offer support to the incredible Sutton Night Watch, a UK-based homeless charity, by donating samples, returns, and other items that can assist in their mission. We believe in the importance of community and social responsibility, and homelessness is an issue that deeply concerns us.

Our aim is to make a meaningful contribution by providing resources to Sutton Night Watch, knowing that even small efforts can have a significant impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

Brix Bailey Supports Sutton Night Watch Charity

This partnership reflects our commitment to working together towards a more compassionate and sustainable world, and we are humbled to be part of this collective effort in addressing homelessness. 

Please follow this link if you are a UK based brand to discuss donating and collaborating with Sutton Night Watch.

Smart Works

Smart Works is a UK charity helping vulnerable women find jobs – and their confidence.

Smart Works is an energetic, well-known, and rapidly expanding charity in the UK, dedicated to preparing unemployed women for job interview success by providing them with professional attire and coaching. This empowering approach not only outfits each woman but also boosts her confidence, equipping her for success.

With a remarkable success rate, 69% of women who visit Smart Works secure a job within a month, achieving financial independence and life-changing transformations.

Smart Works Charity, Charity Registration No: 1080609

Each client receives a bespoke dressing consultation with two trained volunteers, to find a beautiful and high-quality interview outfit that will fill her with confidence. This is free of charge and the clothes are hers to keep.

To learn more about each part of the Smart Works Service
Call their team on 020 7288 1770.


Smart Works Charity Brix and Bailey



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